Words for the Late Nights

Here’s some words for the nights when there’s a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit:

You are strong and brave and full of goodness and light and life. That’s big. Know that. Sink into that.

Whatever the chip is, write it out. A pretty notebook. The day I started carrying a little blue notebook with me everywhere was the day my life changed. Pour out those thoughts. Be as specific or general as you feel. It’s like carrying around a best friend who is ready to soak up all of your worries and joys and hold them all together in a tidy little stack of paper.

Read it all back. In your head, out loud. 

Remember all the people that love you. It’s cheesy, it’s overwrought – do it. All the people that whisper in your ear when they’re proud of you and call you up and send you cupcakes on your birthday. Know you matter to them.

Listen to this cool playlist that is a grand mix of happy and sad and relational all at the same time. I don’t know about you, but first dances get me every time and first dance music is good, good, good. http://8tracks.com/practicalmaddie/first-dance-songs-vol-1#smart_id=liked:732550&play=1

You have so much to be grateful for. Sleep tight, bedbugs.


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