Short Thoughts on Lent

Read these: Philippians 2:1-111 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Lent is a time of intentionality.

Thankfulness, praise, reflection.

Lent is not about us. Lent is not about us. Lent is about Jesus and preparing through reflection on God’s grace, and continual praise of Jesus. We are servants. In Philippians 2:7, Paul writes that Jesus ws born to be like us, like a servant.  Jesus was born in our likeness, and Lent is the time to humble ourselves as God prepares to transcend.

So that brings me to the Thessalonians passage – God is so great and Jesus gave us a bigger gift than we can ever give so the next 40 days really, really need to be about honoring his sacrifice. I know that often takes the form of fasting, but it also needs to take the form of praise. That’s something I’ve been thinking on a lot this season – gratitude. There’s a lot of rituals that we do but they are blank and empty if they are not surrounded in gratitude and praise. We have to acknowledge the gift of grace and the way that manifests itself in our lives before we grow in Christ.

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