About the Author


I believe that reflection is the key to growth.

I’m Sarah Makena and I am a writer/college student/lover of squirrels.

In 2013, I began drink the tea, read the books as a space to document my desire to exist in the present. Since then, it has evolved to include everything from attempts at poetry to thoughts on women of the Bible.

This blog is an experiment in reflection. I have days and things happen and then sometimes I evaluate the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of being. I write a lot about faith, relationships, expectations, and breathing. Topics vary, but this is an informal documentation of goodness and learning in my life.

I write for anyone who can relate to seeing God in rainy city streets, in coffee shops, in the words of leaders. I write for anyone who has questioned their interactions with other human beings. I write for anyone who is optimistic about the impact of education and for anyone who prioritizes exploring Christian faith. I write out of the small, vain hope that maybe my words will help someone else understand what they believe and what they prioritize.

In my non-blog life, I like to read, drink as much black tea as possible, explore new cities, talk about politics, eat all things vegetarian, hang out with my dog, and play marimba.

drink the tea, read the books is fueled by gratitude, desire to understand, and a thirst to share.

Thanks for reading!




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